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Student Programs

Anna Kirchgater Elementary School supports extra curricular student achievement by offering a wide variety of programs throughout the year.
Our band pratices twice weekly and performs for two main concerts; the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert.
Our choir performs at both the Winter and Spring Concerts.
Basketball, Volleyball, Track and Cheerleading
Our aim is to provide numerous opportunities for our students to feel connected with our school.  Because of this, our students enjoy playing in our co-ed competitive basketball and volleyball teams.  In addition, our students love our Running for Rhett track program as well as our cheerleading team.
Extended Day/ASES Program – GATOR XL
This program provides additional support for academic instruction for students in grades one through six. Students are helped with homework completion. Additionally, enrichment programs are available in areas such as sports, arts and crafts, culinary, citizenship, social emotional learning, community service and team building. Applications for the extended day program are available in  the school office.
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
GATE provides extra services to identified GATE students. The GATE program is designed to serve students who have been referred by teachers or parents and are found to be eligible because of: 1) high achievement; 2) leadership ability; 3) creative ability; 4) talent in visual and performing arts; 5) intellectual development; or 6) specific area achievement. Participation in GATE programs is voluntary for identified GATE students.
Learning Center
The Learning Center’s purpose is to provide specific instruction to students who have an IEP. The Learning Center staff will provide direct instruction to students and consultation to teachers, parents and support staff. The Learning Center allows Anna Kirchgater to give the highest quality of instruction to the maximum number of students.
The psychologist administers psychological testing, consults with teachers and parents on emotional/behavioral and learning problems, acts as a liaison to community services, counsels students, and provides parent education.
School Site Council
The School Site Council is a decision making group of parents and school staff, which has a major responsibility for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the School Plan for Improvement. The committee also oversees a budget each year that provides enhancements to the standard school budget. The S.I.P. Committee elections are held at the end of every year.
Speech and Language
Speech and Language services are provided by the speech therapist for students for the following:
– Articulation (intelligibility, formulating sounds)
– Fluency (flow of speech)
– Voice (pitch, loudness, hoarseness)
– Delayed receptive and expressive language
(short, simple sentences or lack of complete organized thought, impaired language comprehension, formulation word recall or use)
– Auditory functioning (retaining processing, understanding and reasoning)
The presence of any of these problems constitutes a referral.
Title I
Our school receives additional money from the federal government to help students succeed in school. Reading instructional support is provided to students who require assistance. This program is not designed for students specifically with learning disabilities; but rather, for students who have “fallen behind” academically.